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For the past 25 years, Antoni's Bakery has been the number one choice for a majority of sandwich shops and catering outlets in and around the Merseyside area. Operating from our Bridgewater Street Outlet, Antonis Bakery has become one of the North West's Major producers of bakery goods and bread products. At Antoni's we supply a vast range of retailers and wholesalers.

The Bakery in Liverpool, offers our customer's a wide range of products and services, Using both modern and traditional methods of baking, friendly customer service care and a professional and efficient delivery service, concise telephone ordering, friendly staff and an easy reference product code system.

We offer a competitive and reliable service to all of our customers new and old.

So from burger buns to bagels, ciabatta to carrot cake, foccacia to french sticks, salad baps, chocolate fudge cake and american style burger buns. Come to Antoni's Bakery for all your catering and bread orders!!!

- Antonis Bakery Limited

Our Staff

At Antoni's we feel that our most important feature is our staff. We have a friendly and efficient delivery service and an impressive fleet of delivery vans.

Order office - You can contact our Order Office to place and confirm your orders; Our order staff have an extensive knowledge of our products and are considerate to your needs. We understand that you may not be familiar to some names of our products, and our staff will try to assist you in anyway that they can to place your orders.

Our Bakery

Our Bakery Staff are constantly trained and a good level of consistency in our quality is constantly maintained.
At Antonis we offer comprehensive baking techniques and use many imported ingredients. This is to offer our customer's a better tasting and fresh product.

The Bakery itself has undergone a considerable investment programme with a large percentage of this investment spent on new equipment.This allows us to offer our customers a larger production capacity.

Our Confectionery
Recently we have branched our product range further and now we are able to offer our customers various cakes. Our Confectionery Department work daily to produce everything from Chocolate Fudge Cake to Toffee Caramel cake. Our Confectionery department are very experimental, and we are releasing new and exciting products all the time.

Antonis Bakery Ltd | 43 Bridgewater Street | Liverpool | Merseyside | L1 0AR | Tel: 0151 709 5696 | Fax: 0151 708 8900
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